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Happy Together by ELAINE KING

Happy Together by ELAINE KING

Take a page of Coconut Swirl Bazzill smooth card stock and cut it to 11 in.²

Take the Boho Spirit 01 paper and gut a 11” square from it to use on a future project. 

Mat the Coconut Swirl on the green side of the 01 paper frame. 

Using frayed burlap ink distress from Tim Holtz use a brush, sponge, or dauber to spread a large area in the bottom right hand corner of the Coconut Swirl. 

Matt your photo on Aqua Bazzill card stock

Take two strips of Ha Pi Boho Spirit 03 measuring 9” x 1” and use both sides. Ink the edges. Place these towards the bottom edge on the right hand side. 

Cut a 9” x 1/2 inch strip from the Ha Pi Boho Spirit 05 paper. Ink the edges. Place this below the two other strips. 

Take two pieces of the 49 and Market Curators set and layer these above the strips. 

Place your photo in position using foam pads.

Cut a tag from a piece of the curators set and tie a twine bow through the hole at the top and ink the edges. Tuck this under the left hand edge of the photo and use the Little Birdie Chipboard as a title layered on top of the tag and one of the strips of paper. 

Use pieces from the 49 & Market Serenity chipboard. I used a circle and some printed words together with half a small frame to put the date inside. 

Add embellishments from the 49 & Market Vintage Wishing Bubbles and Trinkets to finish your layout.


Vintage Artistry Serenity Chipboard Set 

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad - Frayed Burlap

Vintage Artistry Essentials – Wishing Bubbles and Trinkets

Curators Essential Remnants


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Sue - November 11, 2022

What a great layout . Plenty useful instructions too. X

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