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The Spring Shed by LORI WOODS

The Spring Shed by LORI WOODS

Hello creative friends! I have a fun little project for you today! 
The weather has turned chilly the last few weeks but I can see the plants in the garden starting to peep their leaves out from the soil. I started to concoct a story in my head about how the spring fairies were waiting until the frosts and cold winds had gone and the days turned brighter before they went to their little spring sheds to select the flowers to decorate the plants with. And here is my very own spring shed!
I used an HDF shed as the base for the project but it's a fairly simple shape so you could create your own from some stiff cardboard. I attached squares of card onto the roof to create tiles and then painted everything with Dark Chocolate Impasto paint. I then used lots of white gesso dry-brushed over the surface to create a frosty effect. 
I made some branches from the Sharon Ziv mould and attached these around the shed and then finished off the outside with some powder blue texture paste from the Northern Lights set to create even more frostiness.
I painted the 49 and Market Enchanted Petals with Wild Fuchsia metallique paint to give them a nice bright pink colour and painted the inside of the shed with Green Olive metallique paint. Using 3D matte gel I then started to create a pile of flowers inside the shed, ready and waiting for the fairies to pick!
I hope this gives you some inspiration and shows that even a silly, whimsical thought can be turned into a pretty project!
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Sue - January 27, 2022

This is really wonderful! X

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