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Sharing Things: Art journal pages by LOUISE CROSBIE

Sharing Things: Art journal pages by LOUISE CROSBIE

Sharing Things: Art journal pages. 
The project I’m sharing today is a double page spread in an A4 journal.
The reason I created the page is also the reason it’s called “Sharing Things” and it’s also the reason there’s a video of how I created the main layers in the background. 
Here’s the background in question…
My friend, Kath, asked if I could do “a YouTube thing” on how I do my style of art journaling with “all those layers” without it becoming a mess. 
Well that’s not easy. Firstly I do actually often make a mess lol
But also I don’t have a single style. I like to try different styles and I have seven journals reflecting different styles. Simple vintage, more complex vintage, mixed media, paper craft, drawing, doodling, psychedelic mayhem. You name it and I’ll give it a go in one of my journals.
However, thankfully Kath had a very specific journal page in mind. 
Here it is…
She wanted to see how to use rice paper and paper table napkins on a mixed media journal page so they blended in without disappearing.
I don’t like repeating a page I’ve already done in my journals so I decided to do a new one making sure to include napkins and rice paper. 
It’s probably important to point out, when I do journal pages, I have no clue what I’m going to do or how it will end up until I’m actually finished. 
I just start and keep going till I stop so I hope the example I ended up doing gets the thumbs up from Kath 😂
I’ll add a link to the video at the end of this post incase anyone other than Kath wants to see it. 
Supply list.
Stamperia Alegro paint: Cappuccino
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sue - August 2, 2023

This is lovely. X

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