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Here We Are by KAREN MOSS

Here We Are by KAREN MOSS

On a recent trip to Paris, my daughter and I really wanted to go to EuroDisney, We had been as a family when she was 11 and thought it was a fitting way to celebrate her 30th Birthday. We decided that we didn't want to go on any of the rides but wanted to go to the shows, see the parades and the drones and fireworks in the evening. We had a wonderful day which ended up being a feast for our eyes as well as our stomachs!

I used a piece of Everywhere Pilgrimage paper for the base of this page and cut a section of tickets from Everywhere Ticket Montage to add to the top of the page between the two sets of houses.

I built a cluster, which incorporated my title, using Everywhere ephemera and Tranquility chipboard, at the top left of my page and added a postmark sticker from the Tranquility Washi Sticker roll.

At the bottom right of my page I added two 'spiral book pages', from the Everywhere Ephemera pack, at an angle to each other and topped these with two large, coloured pieces, also from the ephemera pack. After adding my photos I finished this cluster with some Tranquility washi stickers, two tabs from the Everywhere ephemera pack and some Tranquility chipboard butterflies and a chipboard circle.

Finally, I added some labels, from the Everywhere ephemera to the top of my page, over the section of tickets, and decorated these with Tranquility washi stickers and a Tranquility chipboard phrase.


Vintage Artistry Everywhere - Pilgrimage

Vintage Artistry Everywhere - Ticket Montage

Vintage Artistry Everywhere Ephemera Bits

Vintage Artistry Tranquility Chipboard Set

Vintage Artistry Tranquility Washi Sticker Roll

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sue - June 9, 2023

Beautiful as always

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