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Handmade journal/ mini album by LORNA SIMONS

Handmade journal/ mini album by LORNA SIMONS

I love it when I get some packaging like this, it's the perfect size and already in the perfect shape for a mini album, one of my favourite things. I love them for an event when you have quite a few photos to document, there is an end to it so it becomes complete.
For the outside and inside I cut the pieces for the flat surface and attached them with a strong double sided tape and then cut the spine pieces, measured and scored where I needed the folds to be but made sure they were wider so they overlapped the main pieces. On the front panel I added the extra red coloured strip just to add a bit of interest, again fixing the spine covers in place with a strong tape, right up to the edges so there will be no lifting.
I distressed all-round the edges of the book with a sand paper block, it just softened the edges a bit.
I added my elastic for my inner pages by punching holes and threading the elastic through and back again, tying a knot at the bottom.
The pages are just 12x12 cardstock cut to size and folded in half, they then tuck under the elastic. You can add more pages as and when you need or add different sizes for more interest. The pages can be removed to work on for ease and then added back in when finished.
For the outside design I cut some of the pieces from the playing cards sheet and layered them up with my metal leaf, die cut flower, embellishment cluster and my title. I used 3d foam pads and gel mediums for my glues adding height to the design.
Lastly, I splattered using the oxide ink watered down and using a paint brush to splatter.
On the inside I cut a pocket, and with a strong double-sided tape I fixed it in place. I then did some fussy cutting from the splendor sheet and glued it in place just poking out of the pocket. I made myself some little tags and cut some elements from the playing cards sheet and tucked them in the pocket. You could add another pocket on the inside back cover the add more bits and pieces from the set so they are to hand when adding to your mini book, embellishments ready to go.
Products used.....
Paisley and Vine papers
From my stash I also used ....
Bramble Fox Perspectives
Embellishment cluster
Metal leaf 
Flower die cut piece
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Sue - March 31, 2021

Ooh this is a great idea. You can cover them in any pretty paper to match your room/shelves.

Anonymous - March 27, 2021

A fabulous mini album…I love using packaging like that to as an album base and the papers are lovely

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