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Grimoire /spell book class by LOUISE CROSBIE

Grimoire /spell book class by LOUISE CROSBIE

If you know my work or follow any of my social media then this book may well look somewhat familiar. You’d be right. I did a slightly larger version of this last year for another shop but since displaying it in The Mad Scrapper, a fair few people have shown an interest in doing a class where they could make their own. 
However, there was no way I could condense the time it took to make the original into just a one day class. It took me a couple of days the first time. Plus I used a lot of products and layers making it a costly class. And I also included some “one off/found objects” that I couldn’t replicate. 
So this is the Grimoire “reimagined” using pretty much 100% Finnabair products and pared back (to the best of my ability) to a simplified version that we can hopefully complete in a day. 


Janine, at The Mad Scrapper, has kindly offered to host this class so hopefully we will have a date for it very soon. 
If you’re interested in receiving the details by email, get in touch with Janine and she will add your name to the list of interested parties. 
If you’re already familiar with mixed media and could do this yourself then there is a supply list at the bottom of the page. 


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Anonymous - June 5, 2023

I’m interested in this class please can I have the details.
Thank you 😊

Anonymous - June 3, 2023

Hi Ann.
I hope you see this response.
All paint and art mediums including the texture paste, stencils, gesso, gels, glues, rust paste etc are supplied.
You will need to bring a big book to alter. I usually use something I’ve found in a charity shop. Like an old atlas. An old leather belt which could also be picked up in a charity shop. And you will need to bring tools (brushes, palette knife, jar for water, water spray bottle, heat gun etc.) .
If you give your email address to Janine a full list would be sent out to participants in advance.

Ann May - May 31, 2023

Hi ,
I’m very interested in attending this class.
Would the products be supplied as part of the class?
Or would I need to buy them separately?
The only date I couldn’t do would be September the 9th or 10th
Kind Regards

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