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Fathoms deep discovery: Jumbo tag BY LOUISE CROSBIE

Fathoms deep discovery: Jumbo tag BY LOUISE CROSBIE

I recently bought 2 12x12 paper pads from the “Sign of the Times” collection by Ciao Bella. 
I fell in love with them instantly. The range of topics covered in one pad makes me happy. 
While they do all go with each other if you are making an album, they also offer a choice for several very different themed projects. 
I decided to “dive right in” (terrible pun, sorry lol ) and use the paper with the deep sea themed images on it. 
I cut a jumbo tag out of very sturdy kraft card and began building my scene. As well as the Ciao Bella papers, I used lots of nice Dusty Attic chipboard and oodles of Finnabair products. 
I started by attaching my background paper to the tag and sealing it with two or three fine layers of clear gesso before using any other paints or mediums on it. If you don’t seal your paper, any paint or ink you add later will soak in causing the images and patterns on the paper to become almost impossible to see. 
I used transparent crackle paste, liquid acrylics, rust paste and some other paints to add lots of colour and interest to my composition. 
I’m really happy with how it turned out although I faffed about with it for absolutely ages before it was finished. I think my husband thought I’d forgotten the outside world existed for a few hours 😄
Thanks for stopping by to look. I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have about products or techniques.
Now I’m off to use the page that has the astronaut on it. I can feel the need for a painty nebula coming on 😉
Supply List:
Finnabair products: 
Mechanicals: Metal blooms
mechanicals- Rustic Gears
rust effect paste: red rust (awaiting stock)
soft gel medium (Larger size available)
Folk Art Acrylic Paint: Green Patina,
a 'small porthole',  
Flourishes. (I was a bit silly here and threw out the packaging before taking note of their name. But anything nice and swirly will do)
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Sue - July 5, 2022

Another great project. I know what hubby is saying because I feel that way sometimes when I go in my room, I get cross when they shout “are we eating tonight?” X

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