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Colouring moulds by LORI WOODS

Colouring moulds by LORI WOODS

Hello Mad Scrappers!
So, you've bought some cool moulds, now what? There are lots of different ways to incorporate moulds into your project and lots of different ways to decorate them. I'd like to show you 3 different options for colouring your moulds with different media :)
I created 3 canvases with the same arrangement of resin pieces from the new Finnabair Queens of Steam and Frames moulds, and I've added in a few Pebbles which are perfect for filling in any little gaps and creating more dimension.  Everything has been glued down using Finnaair 3D gel and given a couple of thin coats of white gesso.
The first media is Lindy's Magicals. They have a great range of colours available and a little really does go a long way. You can mix these with gels or pastes and use them too through stencils or you can use them as I did, with water, to create a wash of colour.
For this project I used the Industrial Chic collection. I gave the canvas a spray of water first to wet it and then sprinkled some of the Lindy's powders over it. I used a brush to blend and spread the colours out. Once the first layer was dry, I added more to highlight the background and the mould details until I was happy with the finished result.
The second media is Finnabair's Liquid acrylic paints. These are super concentrated colours that give amazing results when you dilute them with a little water.
Again I spread and blended the colours with water and repeated this to create more colour and dimension. These paints are permanent once dry so you can build layer upon layer until you have a result you like.
The last media is Finnabair waxes. Normally I use these to create highlights on various projects but you can also use them as a main colouring medium. I started with a base coat of matte Charcoal black to fill in all the shadows and then over this I lightly brushed various metallic colours to create a more dimensional look. These waxes also dry permanently , just let them dry between layers unless you want to blend the colours together.
I hope this has given you some ideas on how you can use different media to colour your projects, and I've made a quick video to show how I achieved these results here:
Supplies used:
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Anonymous - April 20, 2021

Wow, such amazing home decor, have never tried using moulds and doing this type of craft and your explanation makes it look achievable for a novice like me 😍

Anonymous - April 18, 2021

Love, lovety love love this group of projects. 😍

Sue - April 17, 2021

WOW these look amazing! I love each one. Thanks for the explanation too. Wonderful

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