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Moon Notebook by LOUISE CROSBIE

Moon Notebook by LOUISE CROSBIE

Sometimes, when I ask friends what they'd like for Christmas (usually stocking filler cost), they say “make me something”. 
That’s daunting lol. 
But a bit of a safe bet is a notebook. 
The notebooks in The Mad Scrapper shop are not very expensive. This one cost £6 and by carefully removing the cover, I can safely go nuts with mixed media, and not risk mucking up the rest of the notebook. 
So I’m doing a few notebooks this week. 
This is the first. 
I’ve used a stencil first then glued on metal elements (some kindly gifted to me by a lady called Sheena after we met at “The Mad Scrapper” retreat), as well as resin pieces cast from Finnabair moulds and some dusty attic chipboard gears/cogs.
When everything was glued into place it got a coat of black gesso then I added colour using paints. 
There’s loads of mica, Metallique wax, and sparkle included but the photo doesn’t show it. 
So that’s my first Yule/Christmas gift notebook made. Now I must get on with some more. 
Thanks for visiting the design team blog. 
Supply List:
Dusty Attic: Gears

Finnabair Studio Supplies:
Black Gesso
Snow White impasto
Liquid acrylic: Ultramarine, Prussian Blue, Violet
Sparks paint:  Dragon's eye
Metallique wax: White pearl, Old silver, Vintage gold, Old denim, Burgundy,
Effect Paste: Magic Potion
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Anonymous - January 2, 2023

Absolutely stunning!

Sue - December 21, 2022

Just beautiful 😍

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