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Altered tin project by LOUISE CROSBIE

Altered tin project by LOUISE CROSBIE

One of my favourite things to alter, is an empty tin. Repurposing them rather than throwing them away. Sometimes I leave them empty so I can store things like brads and safety pins. But sometimes I like the creativity to continue on the inside so whoever opens it gets a (hopefully) pleasant surprise. 
So I start by sanding the tin all over. Inside and out. It just gives any paints and mediums I might use a better chance of staying put. 
You can probably see the scratch marks in the photo. This tin is about 3.5 inches tall.
You want to avoid putting water on your brush if applying paint. The paint will pool and just not stick. It can be tricky finding things that will stay on a tin. I have found that because I tend to apply many layers of different mediums to my projects, it all eventually stays put and any chips or scratches add to the distressed aged look. 
So I gave it a coat of Finnabair acrylic paint using a dry brush. I was really happy with how well it covered the tin. Don’t worry about brush strokes showing etc. By the time it’s done you won’t see them all. 
Now I want my project to be old, vintage, distressed and rusty looking so a smooth finish is not ideal so I dried the paint using my heat gun. But I did not just dry it. I over heated it a little so little bubbles began to appear. Don’t overdo this as it could make the paint start to peel off. 
I also punched two holes at the top using a cropodile. 
This shiney look doesn’t suit the distressed look idea I had so now I add my next layer. 
I have used this fantastic patina paste (also by Finnabair)...
It has a lovely matte finish which is perfect for achieving a patina. I rubbed random bits on with my finger. Not too much. But it highlights those little bubble bumps I made with the heat gun. 
I now painted inside the tin using a coordinating colour and followed the same process. 
Set the tin aside...
I wanted my dusty attic cogs and gears to look rusty so I started adding paint layers. I almost always start with black when doing rust effects with paint. When you look closely at rust, it usually has many different colours and tones so I build up layers using a stippling brush. I use quinacridone gold, and a mustard yellow colour. Stipple a fine layer on, let it dry then stipple over the other colour. Keep building it up. I sometimes do a very light stippling of black over the top.
I glued my gears etc onto the tin’s lid and let the glue dry thoroughly before adding some small random bits of Finnabair’s rust medium (I used the reddish one this time). I sprayed water on using a mister and let some of the rust paint run down the tin and make puddles in places then dried with a heat-gun. I repeated the process till I was happy with it, taking care not to get the painted chipboard too wet. 
I also added some very very light touches of the green patina again then some gold just around the very edge. 
I finished it off by wrapping rusty wire through the holes to make a handle or hanging hoop.
Next time I will share what ideas I came up with for the interior of the tin. 
Thanks for reading.
Supply list
Finnabair Art Alchemy - metallique Deep Waters, and, Sparks Acrylic Mermaid Sparkle.
Finnabair Art Alchemy - Matte Wax Patina Green.
Finnabair Art Alchemy Metallique Wax - Vintage Gold
Finnabair Art Extravagence - Rust paste set
The Dusty Attic - Cogs & Gears.
Stippling/dabbing paintbrush. For example: Art Basics Dabbing Brush, Dabbing Brush set or Stencil Brush Set
Water Mister.
Other supplies.

A tin of any shape or design. Cleaned (you can sand back any paint or print or cover over with your own paint)
Acrylic paint in: Black, mustard yellow, Quinacridone Gold (or any similar colours you have to hand)
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Anonymous - February 14, 2021

Thank you everyone.

Anonymous - February 13, 2021

Luv this x

Susan Crease - February 13, 2021

This looks interesting as previously said doable too. I’ve never done anything this rustic looking so I’ll be checking out the products. X

Anonymous - February 12, 2021

Fabulous project …I’ve never tried mixed media but you make it sound doable so I may have to invest in some products one day and give it a go x

Anonymous - February 12, 2021

Stunning creation, love it x

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