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Accidentally Rusty Clock by LOUISE CROSBIE

Accidentally Rusty Clock by LOUISE CROSBIE

My project today was one of those that started out with an idea and ended up so far from that idea it’s almost in a different galaxy lol.
It was going to be night sky, cosmic, nebula themed in colours but somehow it’s ended up rusty. 🤔
I started with a big metal clock frame that used to have a battery operated clock in it. The clock face was simply paper so I just soaked it till it came off. 
I’ve layered lots of resin shapes cast in Finnabair moulds and Stamperia moulds to make a kind of representation of my relationship with night time, sleep, and alarm clocks. I won’t bore you with my analysis of my inner thought process. 
When the resin shapes (pipes, valves, gauge, cogs, stars and a moon) were glued into place with heavy body gel I coated everything with black gesso before starting my rust effect.
Well actually I started my night sky effect but when I started on the gauge I started making it rusty. I forgot what I was doing and went off on a tangent. The rust didn’t look great with the cosmic sky colours so I just decided to make it all rusty. 
I’ve used Finnabair’s rust paste for the main colour but also dry brushed it with some other colours. (Details in the supply  list at the bottom of the page) 
I’ve also used some matte waxes and metallique waxes. So there you have it…
An accidentally rusty clock. 
I’ll live with it for a bit before deciding if I want to start over with it. 
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Kathy Gledsdale - March 9, 2022

👏 fantastic

Sue - March 9, 2022

Amazing! Sue

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