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Scor-Tape - 1/8" Double Sided Tape

This package contains 27 yards of Scor-Tape - 1/8" wide. This tape is acid free and heat resistant. Imported. Scor-Tape by SCOR-PAL. Premium double-sided Scor-Tape that is perfect for cards, boxes, glitter, embossing, scrapbooking, foils, ribbon, origami, iris folding, micro beads, and much more! Ideal for using with our scrapbooking paper and cardstock. This tape won't warp your paper like wet glue can. Easy to use, simply apply to the back of your paper, lift off the release paper to reveal the tape, and carefully stick in to place. This tape is permanent and is not repositionable. Try applying a bit of Pritt stick or similar to make it a bit more repositionable. The tape will become permanent upon drying. Tip: before removing all the release paper from the Scor-Tape, try positioning your paper in place, lift up one corner, remove the release paper from one strip of tape and stick down. Now it's in position, you can remove the rest of the release paper. We love Scor-Tape - 1/8" and have been using it for years - it is our go-to double-sided tape. No longer do our craft projects fall apart, unlike those on which we have used cheaper, inferior tapes or adhesives. So easy to use, scissors are not needed to cut it - simply tear it! No more sticky residue left on your scissors!