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Precious Moments

Precious Moments

Precious Moments – Double Layout

Beautiful papers with February’s Maja – Miles Apart kit.  Lovely deep pink, green, cream and peach colours. Maja paper is a fantastic quality paper and great to work with. What I love most about the paper is the small patterns. Included in the kit are the lacey frames which gives it a feminine feel.  So… after looking through some old photographs, I found some great pictures from the 60’s of my Mother & Father in-law and their first-born child. 


For my base I used 2 sheets of Bazzill Sweetheart 12x12”.  I decided to ‘tear & layer’ my paper working up from the bottom of the page.

For the first layer I selected a sheet of A Few Words, I cut this in half to become 2 sheets 6 x 12”.  I used my paper distresser to distress around the two outer edges of each of the cut papers, remembering not to distress the inside join for the double layout and the top section as this is covered by the second layer of paper.  Once distressing was completed, I inked the edges using a dauber and Distress Ink – Vintage Photo.  I stuck this down onto the base using Scor-tape, after distressing the paper, I was then able to leave a small amount of the Sweetheart paper showing. 

The Second and Third layers I used both sides of the Have Faith paper.  I began by tearing around 3 ½” from the bottom of the page and allowed the ripping to make its own path, not being too particular.  I made sure I started the tear of the opposite page at the same height I finished at on the first. This meant the paper would join in the middle of the layout. 

The second layer, I used the deep pink side, distressing and inking the outside and bottom of the pages.  No need to do the middle join and top (the top would be covered by the third layer).

The third layer, I used the floral side, this time distressing and inking the three sides, top, outside edge and bottom - again leaving out the middle join.  I then placed and stuck the paper down using Scor-tape.


I used two photos, 5 ¼” x 3 ¾” and one photo 2 x 3”.

The two larger photos I matted with Walnut Cream & Bark.  Bark, I cut 5 ¾” x 4 ¼” and Walnut Cream cut 5 ½” x 4”.  I inked around the Walnut Cream with the Vintage Photo distress ink. 

My smaller photo I placed on the back of the small lacey frame provided in the kit, matted with some bark. I stuck the picture on with narrow Scor-tape 1/8” and frame down onto the layout with 3D Gloss Gel.

I placed my larger photos against the middle join of the layout and stuck these down with Scor-tape. I placed the small framed picture on the left hand page.  This gave me plenty of room for my journaling & embellishments.


Left Page

I wanted to highlight the small picture of the baby, so I decided to emphasise this by using some Dusty Attic Swirly Vine #5.  I painted the vine using the mini inking tool.  The sponge makes coverage even and leaves a good texture.  This tool is great when covering large pieces of Dusty Attic and stops the cardboard getting too wet with paint. I used Metallique Acrylic – Golden Moss. I placed the vine to the left of the framed picture.  I added 5 salmon pink roses with Dusty Attic leaves.  The stems of the roses, I curled using my pokey tool.  Gives a lovely effect and adds some extra texture.  I stuck the roses and leaves down with 3D Gloss Gel.  I then coloured a wee bird with felt pens and placed this sitting on the edge of the vine. From my stash, I coloured a bird cage chip board again using my inking tool and painted with Metallique Acrylic – Hazelnut, I placed this on the edge of the frame, covering the wee birdie.  I used a foam dot to secure and lift the bottom of the cage.  From my stash I used small metal keys, stuck these down using 3D Gloss Gel under the vine and added a wee line to make it look like they are hanging down from the vine.  I used my micron pen. 

For my title I used the words “Precious Moments” painted with Metallique Acrylic – Plum Preserves.  I placed these down with 3D Gloss Gel near the top of the page.  I then used 2 paper hearts, which are just adorable, to the top left and bottom left of the page. 

Right Page

For my journaling I used the large lacey frame in the kit.  I used some Walnut Cream paper cut 3 ½ x 5 ¼ and inked around the edge of the journaling with a dauber and Vintage Photo ink.  I stuck this down with Scor-tape and a touch of 3D Gloss Gel at the right hand side of my photo. I then cut the piece of lace from the kit and placed this along the bottom of the frame. 


I used a Skeleton Clock Face which I cut into two pieces, I cut one section into a quarter leaving a larger three quarter section and painted these with Metallique Acrylic – Hazelnut using my inking tool.  I placed the large quarter onto the bottom left hand corner of the picture frame and the smaller quarter down the side around the middle, stuck down with 3D Gloss Gel.  I then added some more roses and leaves, remembering to curl the stems of the roses.  I painted the heart doily from the kit with Metallique Acrylic – Soft Satin and placed this on the bottom left hand edge of the frame, making sure the bottom of the heart was lying on the clock for extra height.  I placed another paper heart on top on the doily heart.  I cut the picture of the flower posey from the A Few Words paper, inked this all around with Vintage Photo ink and placed this at the left hand side of the large piece of clock face.

I cut out the word sentiment from the Keeping in Touch paper, inked this all around with Vintage Photo ink and placed it over the clock face, under the heart doily using foam dots for height. From my stash I added another metal key, again drawing a wee line as if it is hanging from the clock and added a ceramic white flower, both stuck down using 3D Gloss Gel.  All done and I’m sure my Mother-in-Law will be happy with the end result.

Items Used

DA Precious Moments

DA Birds and nests (Bird used)

DA Skeleton Clock Face Small 

DA Swirly Vine #5

Mini Ink Blending Tool

Acrylic Paint - Metallique Hazelnut

Acrylic Paint - Metallique Soft Satin

Acrylic Paint - Metallique Plum Preserves

Acrylic Paint - Metallique Golden Moss

Prima With Love - All The Hearts - Paper Hearts x 3

Distress Ink - Vintage Photo 


Paper Distresser 

Dusty Rose Leaves x 9

Pigma Micron Pen - Sepia

3D Gloss Gel 

Scor-Tape 1/4

Scor-Tape 1/8

Foam Dots

Own Stash

Bird Cage

Metal Keys x 3

Roses - Salmon x 9

Ceramic Rose 

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Anonymous - February 13, 2021

Aw ladies…. I just luv Maja paper! 💜

Anonymous - February 10, 2021

Absolutely gorgeous Anji xx

Anonymous - February 10, 2021

Lovely papers and I love how you’ve distressed the edges ..a fabulous layout to showcase your photos 😍

Anonymous - February 10, 2021

Oooo how lovely. This is very much up my street. I love love love it 😍

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