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May 2022 Scrapaholix kits - Plurielles + Wax Seals

May 2022 Scrapaholix kits - Plurielles + Wax Seals

Our gorgeous, gorgeous May kits are here, and these certainly will not disappoint! Such a pretty, soft, feminine colour palette this month, I am loving the combination of vintage pink, soft grey, rich brown and white. And we have a really different technique for you to try too - included in the main kit is a bag of wax beads in 3 colours that coordinate perfectly with the kit.

So yes, a fun technique that involves melting the wax beads and seeing what different effects you can achieve with them! 
The first and most obvious thing is to use them as a wax seal, if you have a mounted metal stamp that is suitable for this. But you can also create the most beautiful dots with them - big or small, as you like, and use them in place of enamel dots, or as flower centres, or even splatters on your page. 

Use the colours individually or combine 2 or 3 colours to create a marbled effect.

To use them, place 1 or 2 beads of wax in to your melting spoon (that is also supplied in the kit) and gently heat over a tea-light or candle until the bead has fully melted. It is beneficial to use a wipe or paper towel to wipe the base of the spoon before pouring the melted wax, as the black soot can discolour the wax. Be very careful, the spoon will be very hot! Gently pour the melted wax where you want it to go, and let it cool and solidify.

So, here is the main kit:

The main kit contains:

1 x Plurielles Paper 01
1 x Plurielles Paper 04
1 x Bazzill White O/P Cardstock
1 x Bazzill Twill Cardstock
1 x Bazzill Sunset Rose Cardstock
1 x Bazzill Mocha Divine Cardstock
1/3 bag Plurielles wax seals
1 x melting spoon
Here is the add on kit:
The add on kit contains:
1 x Plurielles Paper 02
1 x Plurielles Paper 05
1 x Simple Stories brown alpha stickers
1 Tim Holtz Small Talk sticker sheet (designs vary)
2 x Prima Lace Butterflies

Please note, there are 2 patterned papers in each kit - photos show 4 patterned papers so we can show both sides of the papers! 

Kits are available at your local Scrapholix club - East Lothian, Stockton on Tees, Exeter, and Beccles. Please get in touch if you would like club details!

Not got a local club? You can still order yours here!

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