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Family Game Night - Double Layout

Oh, loving the shades in this month’s very ‘Manly’ kit from Authentique.  As soon as I saw the Manly Six paper with the playing cards and poker chips, it gave me the perfect idea to scrap our recent family game night photos.  We always, without fail, have our game nights during our holiday time together. 

For my double layout, I started with 2 sheets of Bazzill Pomegranate for my base.    Using two sheets of Manly Three, I fussy cut around the edges of the honeycomb shapes.  Making sure that my join down the middle of the layout met at the edges. 

From my stash I added Bazzill Blue Note paper as the base for my photo mat.  Cutting one sheet 9 ½” x 6 ½” (right side) and 4 ¾” x 6 ½" (left side). I used 3 portrait photographs cut to 5 ¾” x 4”.  I matted each photo, 1st layer using the Bazzill Dusk cutting 3 pieces 6” x 4 ¼”. 2nd layer I used Bazzill Smoky, cutting 3 pieces at 6 ¼” x 4 ½ “.  I placed my photos evenly across my Blue Note matting. 

 The fun part – my embellishments. I spent ages looking in my stash for items around the game theme. I found a pack of cards that I kept from Christmas Crackers (thought I'd find a use for them one day!) and an old kiddies wooden scrabble game which had seen better days, I used the letters.   Thankfully, Janine has lots of Dusty Attic chippy relating to a game theme for sale in the shop – have you seen the huge wall of chippyness – chess pieces, dominos, jigsaw and scrabble letters. 

I started with my chess pieces, using the back of Manly Three – wood side, I drew around the chess pieces and cut out the shapes , I edged the cut outs with Distress Ink - Aged Mahogany.  Once dry, I stuck the cut outs on to the top of my chippy pieces with my 3D Gloss Gel. One chess piece I painted using Metallique – White Pearl.   Using Manly Six card and poker side paper, I did the same with the jigsaw pieces, drawing, cutting, inking the edges, sticking on to the chippy.  The domino pieces I painted with Metallique Acrylic Paint – Hazelnut.  I coloured the dots in with a black sharpie pen.  I placed these onto the bottom right-hand side of my layout, added some scrabble pieces and the cute playing card confetti from the kit and a strip from Tim Holtz Word Chip Quotes.  I added a wee strip of Smoky Bazzill, inked with Aged Mahogany, placed this top right of my 3rd photo - as a reminder of where we were staying this time.

For my embellishments on the bottom left-hand side, I cut out strips of paper, using both sides of the Manly Two paper, giving me a stripe strip and a numeric strip.  From Manly Six I cut a strip from poker and card side and from the opposite side I cut out, strips from the rope, dominoes in blue, pink and black and the black ruler.  I added some Tim Holtz Film Strip ribbon from my stash, randomly placing these strips on top of each other.  I added round wooden pieces from my stash and a few of my playing cards.  I scattered on some more playing card confetti.  Tim Holtz Word Chip Quotes and a DA chess piece and mini word tab.   

For my Title, I used the leather look paper from the kit.  I wanted to make this look like a part of a scrabble board.  I marked out a grid using washi tape, remembering to measure the scrabble tiles, leaving plenty room between each of the lines.  I used our textured gloss gel with some white matt DA paint and spread it over the page.  Once tacky, I removed the washi tape.  This turned out not too badly, I added some scrabble tiles to create my title in the way you would read on a scrabble board.  I cut around the edge of the paper to reduce the size. 

My journaling, I used a piece of note paper, ripped then inked with Aged Mahogany. I placed this in between my title, embellishments, and photo, using three brads to hold it in place. 

Why notebook paper, well… this is because we have a note pad tucked away in our cupboard that we keep beside our games – my boys like to keep count! This must accompany us on trips to keep the count going of who has been winning what – another family game tradition!

To finish off I added the month, day & year with my roller date stamp. 


Extra Items Used

Bazzill Blue Note A4 paper

DA Chess Pieces 

DA Jigsaw 

DA Mini Tabs #2 Black

Idea-Ology Film Strip Ribbon 

Idea-Ology Word Chip Quotes


Distress Ink - Aged Mahogany 

Metallique Acrylic Paint – Hazelnut

Metallique Acrylic Paint - White Pearl

3D Gloss Gel


Roller Date Stamp






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Anonymous - November 18, 2020

Thank you Louise ♡

Anonymous - November 18, 2020

Thank you Jackie & Liling.
Thats what I luv about the kits, providing inspiration to try something different every month. Before you know it, you have albums full of wonderful memories.
I would not have that today if it wasn’t for the Scrapaholix monthly kits! ♡

Anonymous - November 18, 2020

I love this. So clever. Full of fun and the game theme is echoed throughout.well done Anji.

Anonymous - November 18, 2020

Anji love this. We always play cards on holidays too, only time we do!😂

Anonymous - November 18, 2020

Live this layout Abhi, fab idea using actual cards and Scrabble words…fun memories to layout and share 😍

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