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Woodland skater shrine by LOUISE CROSBIE

Woodland skater shrine by LOUISE CROSBIE

Hello again folks.
Today I am sharing a little assemblage with you. People that know me will know altered art items are my real craft roots (although I enjoy doing some paper crafting too).
This little shrine to winter was made from an empty can of mackerel. The kind where you pull open the lid. It is about 5 inches long. 
I started by washing it out a few times then I went over all of it with sandpaper. Partly to take of the bright paint that advertised its contents but mostly to make the surface more amenable to accepting paints and mediums.  
I then gave it a coat of white gesso and let it dry. I avoided using water on my brush as much as possible at this stage, as that just makes paint or gesso slide off the metal. 
When that had dried I painted on a very thin watery coat of rust paint (any colour you want to show hints of when it’s done will do here. I just like rust). Dry it.
Next step was to go over the rust paint with white crackle paint/medium (* see supplies list). I did this unevenly. Thick in places, thin in places. Left out patches. I wanted it to look distressed and weather worn.
When the crackle paint dries the rust undercoat showed up in the cracks. I also dabbed on some snowtex in places.
Next step was to decorate inside. I had a bit of scrapbook paper left over from my night light project so I cut a section out for a backdrop. Then I added my deep crisp snow. I used snowtex and glamour dust glitter to make the snow look frosty (my favourite winter project combo). Sadly it is very hard to capture that sparkle in a photo.
Then I added my tree and decorated it with snowtex, flat back pearls and more glamour dust. I glued in the boy with his feet deep in snow. He has those ice skates you clip on to your normal shoes around his neck so I added some extra ones into the snow. (Perhaps he is waiting on a friend). Finally I added metal embellishments. 
I added touches of Stamperia gilding wax in an Ivey blue colour to the edges and added the phrase “it’s a wonderful life” as the whole scene reminded me of the opening scenes of that movie. Maybe the boy is waiting on George Bailey! 
The whole scene was then glued to a miniature candle holder I found in a charity shop. 
Supplies list.

Idea-ology: Bottle brush tree.
DecoArt: Snowtex. Glamour dust.
Prima Marketing: Finnabair metal embellishments: Vintage snowflakes. Stars. Wings.
                               Finnabair Mediums: Rust (red). Heavy Body Gel
Dusty Attic: Flat back pearls.
Other supplies. Crackle paint. Empty fish tin. Found/salvaged mini candle holder.
                         Tim Holtz idea-ology paper doll, phrase, and findings
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Anji - January 3, 2021

Ooh Louise, another beautiful project!

Louise - December 30, 2020

Thank you. I am reading it through and see that predictive texting has decided to turn amenable into amendable… not a word I have ever used in my life lol. Had to google it 😂

Liling - December 29, 2020

Wow, fabulous Louise so creative 💕

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