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Wooden horse makeover by LOUISE CROSBIE

Wooden horse makeover by LOUISE CROSBIE

Hi there everyone. 
Today I have a little wooden horse makeover to share with you. 
I was visiting my friend (also a steampunk like me) and she handed over the little critter and asked if I could “steampunk” it. 
So I’ve glued on some resin cast from Stamperia moulds, some Finnabair mechanicals and lace etc. Then I covered it in black gesso and used metallique waxes, acrylic paint and rust paste to add some muted colour to it.
You may wonder how I got the  resin wings to curve around like that as the mould is flat. 
There are a couple of ways to get quick set resin to take on a curve or the shape of the surface you are attaching them to.
Firstly, you can remove it from the mould just a few seconds too soon while it’s nearly set but still flexible and hold it around the object you want it to shape to until it’s cold. 
Or, if you cast your mould some time in advance, you can apply heat to it with a heat gun until it becomes flexible then do the same... hold it on the object and shape it to it. Keep holding it till it’s cold. 
Be careful as it gets a little bit hot when you use the heatgun on it so maybe wear some old gloves or something. 
Obviously you can use some kind of flexible moulding material instead of resin too. 
Rather a brief post as far as a write up goes but it really was that simple.
When you glue everything on and then give a coat of gesso, it doesn’t matter what colour or material your glued items were. The gesso equalises everything making even the most garish or harsh combinations become one cohesive blank canvas. 
I highly recommend giving it a go. 😊
Louise x 
Supply list
Finnabair mechanicals: Rusty Gears, Steampunk Gears,
Finnabair Metallic waxes: Aged brass, bronze age, white gold,
Finnabair Matte wax: Patina blue
Finnabair: Rust paste red
Finnabair: heavy body Gel
Green Tara: ribbon lace,
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Sue - June 22, 2021

It’s amazing what you have done with this little fella. I’m sure your friend has it in pride of place. X

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