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Switch On - Steampunk mixed media project by LORI WOODS

Switch On - Steampunk mixed media project by LORI WOODS

Hello creative friends! For my last project of the year I wanted to create something in one of my favourite styles - Steampunk! I found an old light switch that I thought would make a really interesting focal point to my piece.
I started by painting an old piece of board with Linen impasto paint and then added elements from the Large Gears and Rusty Pipeline moulds, and attached the light switch on top of this using Heavy Body Gel. I painted the mould pieces using Silver Spoon metallic paint as a base colour and added areas of CarmineTiger Orange and Burnt Sienna acrylic paints to create a rusty look. To add areas of interest on the background I used Golden Nugget Paste with the Document stencil.  
I then decided to add some extra rustiness and used Rust Paste on the pipes and gears and splattered a little over the background for even more rust effect! I watered down a little Jade impasto paint and added this in spots to create a little patina effect. 
To finish the piece I took some little glass bottles from my stash and added some Golden Dragon paste into them, and then lightly dabbed Chest of Gold Sparks paint behind the bottles to create a light effect. I hope this project gives you some ideas and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Anonymous - January 13, 2022

I adore this. very inspiring

Sue - January 6, 2022

This is so good. Love how you have found a use for a light switch but it looks so different and amazing. X

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