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Spring is here. Well so they tell me. Other than having a crazy little bird attack my window every morning at the crack of dawn I’m not seeing much sign of it. (I’m told birds attack their reflections in windows as they get territorial when mating season arrives but I’m not sure if that’s true. It’s been consistent for a couple of weeks now and I’ve tried all kinds of tactics to dissuade it.)
Well despite the cold, sleet and rain, I decided to make a spring themed project and later my husband is taking me over to see the new lambs so that will be nice. 
I’m not capable of doing fresh clean projects so my “fresh green spring” box obviously still has to have a vintage rusty vibe 😄. 
I’ve decorated this little box by using “The Dusty Attic” chipboard, some little resin flowers I had in my stash (probably from eBay or something) and the main feature is made using lovely moths and frames moulded from resin in a couple of Finnabair silicon moulds. 
After gluing everything in place with 3D gel and heavy body gel, I covered everything with white gesso. When the gesso had dried I used a heat gun in places to over heat it and make it blister a little so I got a bit of a weathered distressed wood look. Then I started adding my liquid acrylic paints and spraying them with water so they flowed.
I used some waxes, sparks paint and mermaid paste to finish it off and add some sparkle. 
I stuck mostly to fresh green colours but with a hint of coral on the flowers. Once the main decoration was done I added Carmine to get my nice rusty effect. 
Now to decide what to keep in it…
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The Dusty Attic: Cogs , branches and berries
White Gesso (smaller and larger size available)
Heavy body gel (you can also use the 3D gel. it just takes longer to dry)
3D gel To glue the chipboard. larger size available)
Finnabair mould: Baroque frames
Finnabair mould: nocturnal insects.
Sparks paint: Fairy wings.
Mettalique wax: aged brass, white pearl.
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Sue - March 29, 2023

It’s beautiful, I can’t believe how you can change something ordinary to looking so fab. X

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