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Spooky pumpkin ornament by LORI WOODS

Spooky pumpkin ornament by LORI WOODS

Hello Mad Scrappers! I love this time of year as the nights start to get darker and the holiday season is nearly upon us. Halloween is one of my favourite holidays with the costumes and decorations and of course, the sweets!
I've had this glass ornament for a while and couldn't decide what to do with it so a Halloween decoration seemed ideal. I started by giving a quick coat of gesso to some Jack-o-lantern and Tombstone chipboards. I used Amber Jewel paste to colour the pumpkins and glued a piece of black card on the back to create the eye and mouth shadows. The tombstones were coloured with black acrylic liquid.
To create the base I cut out a rough circle of cheesecloth and painted this with a mix of Victorian green impasto and Avocado liquid acrylic. I took an extra piece of cheesecloth to create a small pillow to lay the base over and create a hill shape, then glued everything down to the bottom of the ornament with heavy body gel. I used the gel to glue down the pumpkins and the tombstones onto the base.
To create the ghost I cut another rough circle of cheesecloth, soaked this in Mod Podge and laid it over a cross shape I made from a pencil and cocktail stick. Once dry, I gave it a quick coat of gesso and drew on two eyes. I threaded it onto a piece of string and then glued the string to the top of the ornament to create the floating ghost.
I hope this gives you some ideas for your own spooky Halloween decorations :)
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Sue - November 27, 2021

I love the hanging ghost; he’s adorable!

Anonymous - October 6, 2021

I love this.

Sue - October 4, 2021

This is so cool! I love how you have made this and that ghost is amazing. Sue. x

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