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Spell Binding Notebook. By Louise Crosbie.

Spell Binding Notebook. By Louise Crosbie.

Hi there folks.
My first project for the new design team is an altered notebook for a friend. She is really into wiccan and witchy stuff and makes her own spells. She leaves bit of paper lying around with her latest aromatherapy mix or incantation noted down on them so I thought it might be good if she had a themed notebook to put it all in.

I thought it could easily also be a  "Halloween" theme and as we are now in to September, it seemed like a good time to start sharing inspiration to get your creativity flowing for autumn and Halloween. 
I got a blank A5 notebook and gently removed the cover from the spiral binding. This meant I could put the rest of the book away out of harm’s way before I splatted it with paints, glue and ink by mistake.
First step was to cover it with some nice moody scrapbook paper (detailed supplies list at the end).
I cut it to size, glued it on and then, using a hole punch, I re-punched the holes. I actually used a cropodile to do that.
Then I took a small bit of sandpaper and sanded gently around the edges and in random areas around the paper.
This is the start of my vintage distressed look I hope to build up.
Next, I used a stencil. lying the stencil flat and using a pallet knife I applied some crackle paint.  I set it aside to let it dry while I cracked on with the next bit. A lot of fiddly cutting (which I am seriously no good at).
Once the bits were cut out, I took 10 minutes trying to locate the bit of
sandpaper I had just put down but had now mysteriously vanished. I had to get a new bit and then very lightly sanded around their edges and over some random patches. I then used distress ink, some water in a spray bottle and a bit of felt (you can get blending tools or use little makeup sponges, but I don’t have a blending tool and I did have a bit of felt handy. (I am very often a poverty spec crafter so will find alternatives). 
Now I compiled my little scene with my cut outs and added a little witch’s hat cut from the same paper that I used to cover the book. 
I backed that with some stiffish black card to keep it nice and rigid. I covered the girls face so it wouldn’t get splashed then deliberately splashed orange paint onto it by tapping it from a paint brush.
Back to the book cover. The crackle has almost dried but not enough yet so I used a heat gun on it (be careful not to overdo it.). 
Once it was dry and hard I sanded a few patches and picked bits off so it looked a bit worn and distressed. 
But it was too white. The next step looks a bit drastic but have faith. 
Using some acrylic paint in Quinacridone gold and a spray bottle with water. 
I applied some dabs of watery paint to the top of the book and on parts of the stencil. Then sprayed it with so that it all trickled down the cover. (I had an old towling cloth at the bottom to catch the drips). Again have faith. It will look a lot darker when wet and will fade significantly once dry.
Once I was happy with how it looked, I added just a few dabs of black and used the water spray again.
If you do this and don’t like how it looks you can dab some of it off with a paper towel or cloth before it dries but again, because of the water, it will fade a lot when it dries. Be brave. Here are a couple of closeups:
So now I put my little collage and my book cover together. I used some metallic gilding wax type stuff to highlight the edges of the book and layered on some Dusty Attic embellishments. The tree branch I cut into sections. Painted it a watery black and dabbed on some orange for the leaves. 
Finished it off with a hocus pocus dusty attic word embellishment. It came in black. Then I splatted some watery white on to it. Again cover the bits you don’t want splattered like faces and words etc.

Put the book back together. (Found the bit of sandpaper I lost had attached to my cardigan sleeve).

There you have it. A spooky witchy spell book (or maybe a recipe book if you’re like me and don’t do spells).
Supplies list 
49 and Market: Scrapbook papers.
Dusty attic: mini branches ; wordplay black #6 ; 
Viva decor crackle paint.
Dusty Attic Damask stencil
Art alchemy metallique wax vintage gold
Black card
White acrylic paint
Orange acrylic paint.
Pallet knife
Paint brushes.
Paper/craft/ white glue. 
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Anonymous - September 24, 2020

This looks amazing and totally transformed a plain notebook cover…love the warm autumnal colours and Halloween theme.

Anonymous - September 13, 2020

Looks great, my granddaughters would love notebooks like this.

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