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Snowman Shaker Card by LOUISE CROSBIE

Snowman Shaker Card by LOUISE CROSBIE

Hi there.
Today I am sharing a shaker card that I made for my husband's granddaughter as this will be her first Christmas.
I have to admit I have never made one before and when it came to filling it with snow I got in a right mess. It came unstuck and the little balls all poured back out then stuck to the tape that was supposed to be holding it closed. The saga went on for some time. I am sure there’s a method for getting it right. 
The first part went well. The general design and construction. I cut out features from two different sheets of scrapbook paper. I also used a sizzix to cut the top border piece. I then simply assembled it in a kind of frame around a square of thickish acetate.
I added glamour dust glitter to section. I cut out a star and also put glamour dust on that.
Then using a lot of dimensional tape I attached the front panel to the back part. I left the backing on the dimensional tape on the top section so I could pour the snow in. 
Then I simply had to fill it with snow (polystyrene balls.). After four different attempts, and a bit of extra glue and sticky tape, I finally got them in to stay in, lol.
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Anonymous - December 21, 2020

Lovely card Louise and love the shaker element 😍

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