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Rusty Art Journal: By Louise Crosbie

Rusty Art Journal: By Louise Crosbie

Hi again. The project I am sharing today is my first art journal. An artist/crafter I subscribe to gave us a wonderful mindfulness project to do over the next month and it looked like one of the best ways for me personally to try it out would be to use an art journal. I don’t do art journals, or at least, I didn’t. So it’s a bit hard to do my homework inside one when I didn’t have one. 
So in preparation for this arty mindfulness task, I have made myself an art journal out of an old hardback book. (Crossword dictionary). 
I may not have done art journals but I have done a few altered books in the past and one of the first things I learned was, although it is great to have them so stuffed full they don’t close, there is a limit to that. I like them bursting at the seams a little but not too much. 
A good way to make space for your art inside is to remove some pages before you start. 
Check inside your book. It will have several signatures  ( groups of folded paper sewn in the middle) sewn together. So look for a centrefold in each of those signatures and pull a few pages out from each. Don’t do too many pages at once as it can leave chunks of paper behind. 
I will keep my torn out sheets as they are useful for mixed media background or for cutting words out which are also good for mixed media  projects, cards and layouts etc.
So now I have an art journal to start, I better take time to think about my art homework. 
Thanks for reading. 
Supply list
Sparks paint: Mermaid, Night Shadow
Finnabair metal: Mini Flowers, Metal blooms
Finnabair Mould: Birds and bats

Other supplies from my personal stash:
Acrylic paint and old clock and watch parts.
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Anonymous - March 23, 2021

Thank you. 🙏🏽

Anonymous - March 21, 2021

This is such a cool idea. The cover is amazing with all the mixed media elements … love it 😍

Sue - March 21, 2021

The cover looks so interesting & inviting making you want to look inside. Good idea to remove some pages first, I know I would forget and so struggle later on.

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