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Reign of Grace Mini Album by LOUISE CROSBIE

Reign of Grace Mini Album by LOUISE CROSBIE

Todays project is not really complete. If I waited on me finishing it before sharing, it could be a year or more lol. 
I like paper crafting but only in short bursts as a break from mixed media. But I’ve done the basic pages. Inserts and tags will be added one day. 
The camera has not captured the colours of these papers well. They have a more green and coral vibe in real life. 
I’ve used mostly “Reign Of Grace” papers by Ciao Bella with a few random left over bits of paper by various brands that I had from previous projects. 
And to make it easy on myself, as I am not a very accomplished album maker, I used a folio kit from 49 and Market. I also used rubons from 49 and Market and Finnabair. 
The folios are all precut and scored with the pockets and corner pockets ready to attach where you’d like them. 
All I had to do was stick it together and add papers. Of course as I’m so amateur at this sort of crafting, I still made big mistakes that I had to fix. Losing some nice papers in the process (but I’m learning). 
One thing I’m really awful at is detail cutting or “fussy cutting” as I hear it called. I give up quickly. I maybe should have thought of that before buying the little pad of cut out pieces 😂
So that’s it so far. I feel I need to make some little books for some of the pockets as it has a lovely story book and reading theme. I might even do that bit this week. I feel mildly optimistic about that but I wouldn’t hold your breath. 😉
Thanks for visiting the blog. 
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Anonymous - April 21, 2023

Thank you all. I appreciate it.

Vanessa Coleby - April 21, 2023

Absolutely gorgeous

Anonymous - April 21, 2023

A beautiful layout.

Sue - April 21, 2023

This is so lovely. X

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