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Red riding hood canvas BY LOUISE CROSBIE

Red riding hood canvas BY LOUISE CROSBIE

I recently got my hands on 5 of the new Finnabair moulds. As soon as I got them home I started casting with them and adding them to projects. I love the level of detail on them.
One of the projects I made was this 12x12 canvas (using a photo by photographer Stefano Ciociola) with a dark fairytale theme. This red hooded young lady won’t need rescuing by a woodsman or huntsman. She has a tough side and will rip the heart out of any vicious assailants. Lol
I used a stencil and texture crackle on the canvas first of all and had every intention of leaving the crackle to dry.  I’m not patient so I ended up rushing it with a heatgun. I know I’m not alone in lacking patience in this way. But the crackle always works better if you leave it to dry on its own. 
Then I gave it a watery layer of black gesso and let the black get into the cracks. This helped with the dark menacing look I was aiming for. 
I coated all my resin elements with black gesso before building my layers as I didn’t want to get anything on the photo. When the black was dry, I dry brushed with white to pick out details and highlights. 
I built up my composition (saving the photo, frame, heart and big moth for later). Then I added red and sprayed with water. The white parts show the red more than the black does as the paint is a lovely translucent flowing acrylic. This helps develop shadow and highlights. 
I painted the heart, frame and moth in the same way then added them to the rest of the composition along with the photo. Finally, I added gold splatters and some metallique wax to finish it off… 
Finnabair Stencil: Manuscript
Black Gesso (larger tubs available)
White Gesso (larger tubs available)  or white impasto paint or similar
Heavy body Gel for gluing larger embellishments
liquid acrylic paint: Carmine , Magenta
Sparks paint: Dragons eye
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Sue - July 22, 2022

Looks amazing x

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