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Ranger Texture Paste - Transparent Matte

Ranger Texture Paste - Transparent Matte

Following on from last month's post on Opaque Matte texture paste, this time we are taking a look at Ranger's Transparent Matte texture paste.

What's the difference? Well, a few things.The first thing you will notice, is that it is a creamier, wetter texture paste, compared to the Opaque Matte texture paste. When you apply it through a stencil, and then remove the stencil, you will also notice the edges are more curved, it does not give the hard edges that you get with the Opaque Matte paste.

This paste also dries clear, in a matt finish, and acts as a resist. So if you apply it to a white base, let it dry, ink over it, then wipe over with a baby wipe, there won't be any ink where the texture paste is. Totally love this effect!!

The drying time of this texture paste is a little longer than the Opaque Matte paste, it is around 30 minutes. Again, you can use a heat tool to speed up the process, but you may find it will create small bubbles in the finish.

This texture paste mixes really well with acrylic paints, mists, inks, re-inker ink and other textural elements. You can create whatever colour paste you want, by mixing a little of the paste on your craft sheet with, for example, a little ink squeezed from an ink pad. Make sure you mix it together really well, unless you are looking for a more uneven, marbled effect!

Just loving the different effects you can achieve using this texture paste. Why not give it a try and see what you can do?


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