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Product focus: Prima marketing, adhesive rubons by LOUISE CROSBIE

Product focus: Prima marketing, adhesive rubons by LOUISE CROSBIE

Hi there.
Today I’m sharing some ideas on how to use the beautiful Prima marketing “adhesive rubons”. 
I’ve made three cards each using the rubons in a different way.  I could have done more but they would just be variations on a theme.
You may not have used these rubons but you might well have seen them. When they are in the packet they look very bright yellow. They don’t stay that way though. 
Initially, they work like all rubons. Although they are way easier to apply than some normal rubons I’ve used. You can cut sections off to suit your needs. Once it’s rubbed on to your chosen surface and you peel back the protective layer, they are super sticky and ready for you to work with. They are very versatile, very detailed and are a great addition to cards and layouts etc. 
Here are just three ways to use them. 
Firstly I’ve used a piece of one with “embossing powders.” 
I’m afraid I got a bit carried away making this first card and almost forgot the point of it was to show the rubons. I added white gesso to get my faded vintage look and painted it right over the embossing. Oops.
I took a mental note to keep the next two cards simpler so I didn’t obscure the bits I was supposed to show you.
The bonus with the rubons instead of embossing ink and stamps is, the rubons won’t dry out quickly like embossing ink. You have lots of time to add your powders. So much so that you can add some touches of one colour then clear up the excess … then add another colour and clear away the excess… and so on. Adding as many colours as you like and choosing where you want it. Then simply heat with a heatgun as usual.  
I’ve got a multicoloured embossed floral motif in this example. Just visible under the white gesso lol.
Next up … glitter. Using glitter on these detailed adhesives gives a very pretty effect. (I’m looking forward to using these at Christmas.) 
Using fine glitter meant the detail really showed. This was done in seconds so no need to sit with a fine tip glue dispenser “drawing” glue over your stamped image etc. 
My last example uses foil, which stuck really well to the rubons.
I’ve tried to catch the light so you can see its foil. It’s a dark dusky pink but bright pink when the light reflects off of it. 
I felt the foil on the rubons gave a very nice professional look to the card. 
(The image was from ‘Land of nod studios’. I miss that website. They did such wonderful photo editing).
That’s all the examples I have today but I’m about to go and try a “rainbow effect” with glitter as I’ve enjoyed using the rubons. 
Hopefully seeing how easy it is to use in these examples will encourage you to give the rubons a go. 
Thanks for stopping by. 
Supply list...

Prima Marketing Adhesive Rub -Ons. Rub-On foil sheets Something berry.
49 and Market 12x12 papers: Vintage artistry. Collectors Volume paper 1, Essentials - Shadowy
Stamperia Adhesive chipboard quotes

Other supplies from my personal stash include:

Vintage images
Embossing powders
fine glitter
Blank cards
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Sue - July 24, 2021

3 super cards. I used these for the first time myself and so easy. Must try the glitter though 👍🏻

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