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Product focus: Mélange Art Pebbles by LOUISE CROSBIE

Product focus: Mélange Art Pebbles by LOUISE CROSBIE

Hi there folks.
Back in April, the talented Lori shared three ways to colour resin mould casts. I thought it a great idea to focus on a single product like that and give different ideas on how to use it.
So this week I am doing the same and sharing three ways to use Finnabair’s Mélange Art Pebbles. 
I love these little acrylic pebbles so much and although I use them a lot, I have to say, one jar has really lasted me well. It’s filled with assorted sizes so there’s a nivpce variety to choose from. Some really little ones if your doing cards, ATCs, or a delicate layout etc but there’s also some nice large ones for a more substantial presence. 
To show just some of their versatility, I decorated three small hardboard rectangles (just a little bigger than playing cards). I will go through each mini project one at a time to give a brief explanation but hopefully the photos will speak for themselves.
First up… using them to focus on an image or to make detailed embellishments…
All I’ve done here is to use some gel medium to glue the pebble over a detail or image I want to focus on. Once it’s glued, I wait till it is completely dry then cut around it. I also like to sand the edges bit if you’re a neat cutter you probably won’t need to. 
As you can see the pebbles actually magnify the image a little and the dimension is really cool.
Next, using them as added texture on a mixed media piece.
When doing a dimensional mixed media piece there’s often a lot of empty space that needs some dimension and interest added without detracting from the main focal point. 
The Mélange pebbles are perfect for this. 
In this example, I’ve arranged my elements on the surface then painted a coat of gesso over everything. I added some colour using metallique paints and once it was dry I highlighted the most raised surfaces using old silver metallique wax. You don’t have to highlight them if you’re looking for a more subtle bit of dimension on your project. 
My third example is a bit more glitzy. 
I simply painted jewel paste and sparks paints on to the back of the pebbles and let it dry. I did a couple of coats to make sure there were no gaps. I guess I’ve overdone it a tad for such a small project but as it’s a product focus I thought it would be ok so you can see the effect. This is something I’d do to add into a nice scrapbook layout or something. The camera doesn’t “do glitter” very well but the pebbles look super twinkly when you move them around. 
So there you have it. Just three ways of using the clear Mélange art pebbles. 
They also look great just left clear in underwater scenes and rainy day layouts. I’m sure you can think of other ways to use them. 
I personally have my heart set on getting a jar of the vintage coloured ones. They’re like little amber gems or something.
Next time I hope to do something similar focusing on the Prima marketing adhesive rub-ons. 
Thanks for stopping by.
Finnabair supplies:
Black gesso: Large or small
rust paste (red and yellow)
liquid acrylic paint: Ochre and umber mixed into water for a spray.
Sparks paint: Dragons Eye , Chest of Gold,
Metallique paint: Midnight Sky, Deep Waters,
Mettalique wax: Old silver, Rich Copper, Electric Violet, Burgundy.
3D gel medium. (I used matte but any will do as it was used as glue).
Jewel paste. crushed Amber.
Stencil: Manuscript
Modelling paste (Any texture paste would do)

Other supplies:
49 and Market paper: Vintage remnants #9
Distress ink: Vintage photo.
Stamperia Adhesive chipboard quotes.
Everything else will be old supplies I have stored in my craft stash.
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Sur - July 7, 2021

Ooh these are super examples on how to use them. I particularly like the last with glitter. X

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