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Mixed media canvas project by LORI WOODS

Mixed media canvas project by LORI WOODS

Hello creative friends! Today I have a mixed media project for you that started off life as different pieces that I'd started and then discarded as I didn't like the way they were turning out!
I used Impasto paints for the base colours as they have great coverage and a lovely matte finish. And then of course my beloved rust pastes had to feature somewhere. 
As I was working on the project it felt like it was missing a bit of 'wow factor' so I used the gorgeous Crushed amber jewel paste to add some sparkle and colour contrast!
You can see how I made the entire project here: and I hope it inspires you to give any abandoned projects you have, a new lease of life!
Supplies used: 
Aubergine Impasto paint  Numerals mould
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Sue - February 28, 2022

Beautiful project. And wow that crushed jewel 😍😍

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