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Inside the altered jewellery/vanity case by LOUISE CROSBIE

Inside the altered jewellery/vanity case by LOUISE CROSBIE

As promised, I’m back to share the inside of the altered jewellery box type thing I altered for a previous design team project. 
I wanted to keep it on a similar theme but on a smaller scale. 
I actually have a big birthday coming up and I’d like to put the birthday cards I’ll get from my husband and son inside it so I wanted to make sure there was still a little bit space in it for that. 
I’ve also chosen to bring the theme of autumn taking over from summer as a metaphor for this birthday. On retrospect, it should maybe have been winter as I’m getting on in age lol.
For me, the rust creeping in is also perfect for the same reason. Vintage, ageing, rusting and Autumn but still useful and hopefully pleasing to have around. 
I’ve created a process video for this that you might like as it shows how the products were used to create this soft vintage “start of autumn” look.
The supply list is, for obvious reasons, almost the same as it was for the outside of the box.
Here is a link to the video.
Supply list
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