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Happy Honeymoon Double Page by KAREN MOSS

Happy Honeymoon Double Page by KAREN MOSS

When I first saw the gorgeous Spectrum Sherbet Butterfly Flight paper, I thought it would be perfect to use for a double page. I usually make my double pages as one page and then split them down the middle. I like to place the two 12 x 12 pieces of cardstock side by side and take patterned paper across the join.
To start, I used a piece of Spectrum Sherbet Painted Foundations – Prism paper, I turned it so that the rainbow stripe went vertically with the dark blue at the top. Then used my own supplies to stamp three large butterflies along the right side of the paper and painted these with similar colours to the butterflies on the Spectrum Sherbet Classics – Butterfly Flight.

Next, I cut a 5 in strip, from top to bottom of the paper, from the right of a piece of Butterfly Flight. Using the rainbow-coloured side, I cut this piece, horizontally, into ½ in strips.

I took a second piece of Butterfly Flight paper and the Prism paper and lay them side by side with the Butterfly Flight on the left. Starting with a pink strip I stuck this across the join. Doing with all the strips, altering where each strip starts each time. I chose to keep them in colour order but I think they will look just as effective if the colours are mixed up.

I cut the two pages apart along the join.

From the remaining piece of Butterfly Flight cut two 5 in squares for photo mounts. I used two 4 in square photos – one for each page. I added my title ‘Happy Honeymoon’ using Paige Evans Splendid Thickers to the top of each photo mount.

I cut all the butterflies from the cover sheet of the Spectrum Sherbet Foundations Collection Pack. I added four to the right page and the remainder to the left page.

Add the photo on the left page 3ins from the right and 4 ½ ins from the bottom. The photo on the right side is added 3 ins from the left and 2 ½ ins from the bottom.

I then added clusters above and below each photo using mostly pink on one side and blue and orange on the other. For the clusters I used Spectrum Sherbet Ephemera Bits - Strawberry Lemonade and Spectrum Sorbet Tags.

I am very happy with the resulting bright and colourful double layout which was quite quick to put together.


Spectrum Sherbet Butterfly Flight paper (2 pieces)

Spectrum Sherbet Collection Pack - Classics

Spectrum Sherbet Epherema Bits – Strawberry Lemonade

Spectrum Sherbet Tag Set

Paige Evans Splendid Thickers

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sue - August 25, 2022

This is beautiful and you should be very happy with the result. I love the new brides hat and bag combo too. x

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