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Altered tin. By Louise Crosbie.

Altered tin. By Louise Crosbie.

Hi there. I have another altered tin to share with you today. 
I am a steampunk but sometimes steampunk and Goth get a little combined and we call that Steamgoth lol.
I think that is what this tin is. 
I got some of the new Finnabair moulds and some quick setting resin.
I spent a whole day with my household bubble friend mixing resin and casting from the moulds. Very satisfying. 
Of course I had to instantly use them on some projects so next morning I did this little tin. It is about the size of a shoe polish tin. 

I will quickly run through the method I used but it is similar to the last altered tin I made.
Remove any paper labels. You might have to soak them over night or use some WD40 as it breaks down difficult label glue.
Once you have a blank tin, use sandpaper to sand all over the surface. This just gives paints etc something to stick to. 
After sanding clean and dry the tin. 
At this point I used black gesso to prime the tin but stayed clear of the bit where the lid meets the base. I want it to still open and close so do not want gesso on that part.
I also covered the gears in black gesso then glued them into place.
I left that to dry and used some metal leaf to cover the skull. 
You can now decorate your tin any way you like as paints or waxes etc will stick. 
I used gold metallique wax on my tin and then made my gears look rusty using some acrylic paints (colours listed below), and added some patina wax. 
I have used it for storing some paper clips. 
Supply list:
Prima Marketing: Finnabair skull and bones mould.
Prima Marketing: Finnabair Green patina wax. Vintage Gold wax. Rust paste.
Prima Marketing: Finnabair Gold Leaf Flakes. Gilding glue.
The Dusty Attic: Chipboard gears.
Black gesso. Large or small
Acrylic paint: Carmine, Umber.

Other supplies: Recycled tin. Watch parts. Glue.
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Sue - April 21, 2021

This looks soo good. Glad you and your friend had a good time 😁

Anonymous - April 20, 2021

Such a cool idea Louise , lovely job 😍

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