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Altered plastic frame by LOUISE CROSBIE

Altered plastic frame by LOUISE CROSBIE

My first design team project of 2022 is an altered plastic frame from a charity shop. It’s about 12inches (30.5 cm) tall but I didn’t measure it.
It was quite ugly and cheap looking as it was but my friend spotted it and instantly thought to herself, “I bet Louise could do something with that.”  So she bought it and gave it to me. (My friends are the best). 
And she was right. I could do something with it. Although wether it’s an improvement or not is subjective and depends on your taste I suppose lol.
Here is a bit of a basic guide as to how it got from white plastic to a midnight forest sort of vibe. 
Firstly I took the back off and set it aside. Unfortunately the price sticker had been stuck onto the acetate and there’s no way it was coming off without leaving a mess of scratches and damage so I just threw that away.
Now I used some heavy body gel to attach some embellishments. Mostly cast from resin using prima marketing moulds but also with a few little metal stars. 
The next step (after the glue dried) was to coat it in black gesso.
I did one main coat with a large brush then used a small brush to get into all the little nooks and crannies. 
It doesn’t have to be perfect but just try not to have any huge glaring white patches. 
When you’re sure the gesso is completely dry (even in the deepest crevices) it’s time to dry brush with white. You can use gesso or paint. 
This establishes some highlights before we add the colour. Although at this stage I'm not sure what I’m colouring it with so they may end up not showing. But if I do use any translucent paints they will show.
It’s an effective look on its own. A bit like a blackboard and chalk.
But I want it to be a bit more magical. 
I’ve added colour using Finnabair’s metallique paints and waxes. There’s even a bit of glitter going on.
Supply list
Prima marketing:

Sharon Ziv;
Mould: Decor mould  (branches/twigs)
Finnabair ;
Gesso: Black 2oz, Black 8.5oz,
Gesso: White 2oz, White 8.5oz, White 17oz. (the white is for splatters to make stars)
Mechanicals: Mini Stars

From personal stash:
copper glitter and teal glitter.
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Carol - January 23, 2022

I just love everything you do! Always have! This piece is no exception! Beautiful work Z! Cx

Kathy Gledsdale - January 22, 2022

Just beautiful

Sue - January 22, 2022

This is just amazing! It’s nothing like the original. Fabulous x

Sue - January 22, 2022

This is just amazing! It’s nothing like the original. Fabulous x

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