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Zing! Clear Embossing Powder


AMERICAN CRAFTS-Zing! Embossing Powder. Embossing powder is effective for adding color and dimension to you paper craft projects. Zing isn't ordinary embossing powder; it's the most even; opaque and vivid embossing powder available! It's amaZing! Easily apply powder to any image; heat and watch as it takes on a beautiful raised effect. Zing embossing powder adds dimension to your stamp collection. The options are endless with a variety of colors and four unique finishes: opaque; glitter; metallic and fluorescent. Each color comes in a 1oz/28.35g jar. Made in USA.

Clear embossing powder for you to create your own unique effect on your paper craft projects. Use it to emboss images stamped with many colors or use it on an outline to stop paints or inks from flowing outside the line for a sharp finish.