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Traveller's Journal by LORNA SIMONS

Traveller's Journal by LORNA SIMONS

This morning I have been playing with this range:
The August kits from The Mad Scrapper, Scrapaholix.

it is so much fun and has to be made into a travel journal ready for my next trip to London which I have missed so much. I was so happy to see Camden Market on there, my favourite place to visit when we go to London.
To start I just wrapped my blank journal in one of the papers, folded round and then folded over onto the inside of the cover.
I cut out some of the elements from the cut apart sheet and the 12 x 12 cut apart sheet.
I distressed the edges of the layers, cut out some of the circles from one of the 12x12 sheets, cut out the words, and other elements.
I layered up to see how I wanted it to look and then took a picture on my phone, i like to do this so I can look back when I am sticking to remind me of what I had decided, it's so easy to forget where I wanted it all.
I used a mixture of double-sided tape and 3d foam pads to stick all my bits on, I like the 3d look rather than all being flat.
i took some photos then decided to do some outlining, I really think this helps to finish it off so then took more photos with the outlining, see what you think, do you like the outlining?
I then went to the inside cover and made two pockets so when you are out and about you can just pop in all those bits and pieces to want to save, tickets, receipts, programs, business cards etc they can so easily end up in the bottom of your bag getting damaged!
The inside cover is just the fold over piece from the front stuck at top and bottom with some decoration, the other pocket i made with apiece of the card and folded in the sides and stuck those down and along the bottom, it then gives it a bit more room to add all those bits and pieces, a tag that was just on my desk, this would make a great photo mount later on.
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Anonymous - September 11, 2021

Great idea I love it

Sue - August 12, 2021

This would be perfect for any day out or vacation. Love the idea of pockets to put the bits and bobs into. X

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